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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Making Memories Then and Now.....

I saw this picture on Facebook, and it brought back memories.  We had a pole just like that with two nails at one end to hold the clothes line and keep it from sagging, which pretty much worked unless the wind decided to be funny.......

Those were the days.  Can't say I always relished the chore of hanging clothes out on the line, and I remember quite a few mad dashes to get the clothes down before the rain hit it.  Did you hang clothes individually or together, like towels/sheets/shirts overlapping each other?

I kind of miss those days,but don't tell my mom though!  We would also use the clothesline for a badminton and/or volleyball net.  If we let the line hang without the pole, we could throw sheets or blankets over it, and we had an instant tent.  It wasn't always easy to mow in the general area of the clothes line.  If you did any daydreaming or became lost in song, you might soon find yourself fully understanding the sports term "clotheslined." I think someone was actually knocked off the riding mower....I'm almost 75% sure it was my brother ;-)

There was a clothesline here on the farm for a while, and I did hang out jeans, but the southerly wind off the cow lot and flies kind of put a damper on clean laundry with that fresh, outdoorsy scent, and the clothesline was eliminated when the sunroom came into being.  This means our girls won't get the experience of hanging up clothes....It got me to thinking that I really need to get them out of the TV/computer game mode to embrace these last few years of summer freedom and build some lasting memories with their imagination. They also need to know the difference between a weed and a flower and how to mow in a straight line.

We have been spending equal time inside and out working on 4-H books and then going out to feed and wash 4-H calves.  Bear and I also need to get out and find the ten perfect subjects for her photography project.  She really has a knack for finding great shots, and as I think I have mentioned before, I am SO GLAD we have reached the digital age!  We would go broke developing all her film. Here are a few of her good ones ( at least deemed so by this proud momma):

If anyone has opinions as to which cow, windmill, reflection, and chicken picture looks best, please let us hear from you.  Is the dandelion picture clear enough or too blurry?  It's so hard to decide! Have a great day!


  1. closer up chicken photo, the windmill one with the orange background, the reflection one that has the birds in it (portrait), The one of the 3 cows. The dandelion picture looks great its focused on the dandelion so if everything else looks blurry then it would bring out the dandelion. She really takes great photos!

  2. You have some great photos here! I love the windmills. I hang clothes out whenever I can. And, it is all fair game! lol

  3. I like the solo cow! Unfortunately in the group of three, the guy in the back's face is hidden and my eye keeps drawing to that.

  4. They are all so good. I especially love the first windmill pic, the peony pic, and the reflection of the sky in the water.

  5. She does take good pics! The windmill pics are all good, but remember the rule of odds. An odd number of items is more pleasing to the eye than an even number, so I would choose the single windmill or the 7 windmills over the one with 4. The first picture of the rooster has more texture and contrast. I also love that she caught him a little off center. Kelly is right about the group of three cows...too bad she couldn't get the one on the left to take one more step! LOL

  6. They are great pics. I like the closer chicken.



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