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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Just in Time for Father's Day

Ah, Rhubarb Pie!  I often wonder if this......vegetable?  fruit?  plant is as well known in other states as it is in Indiana?  Chime in with a shout if  you love rhubarb!

I'm going to link back to the post I wrote last year about this Indiana delicacy.  The recipe and all the how to steps are at this link.  I had a surplus in my refrigerator, and an expectant farmer in my kitchen just waiting for me to make this special treat for him.

Tall Guy LOVES rhubarb pie!  The rest of us are starting to have more favorable opinion of it as well.

I am trying to hone my food photography skills and get better acquainted with the manual settings on my camera.  On Tuesday I went down to Indy wine and cheese tasting gathering but first we got to sit in on a class about food photography given by Lindsay Ostrum of A Pinch of Yum sponsored by Indiana Family of Farmers, Indiana Dairy, and Indiana Wine.  She gave us a chance to become more familiar with our cameras in manual (M) mode, and added in some great tips and trick s she has learned from her years behind the camera.  She even has an e-book Tasty Food Photography that will walk you through all the Aperture (A), Shutter speed (S), and ISO settings needed to take better pictures.  You will learn about blur (also known as Bokeh), and different ways to use natural lighting to enhance your food pictures.  My attempt is above, a new picture of rhubarb pie.  It was a cloudy late afternoon shot, not the best of times, but that is when the pie was done, and I knew I had a very limited time before Tall Guy's nose put him onto the hunt for his first piece.

Have a great Father's Day weekend if I don't get back on here between now and then.

1 comment:

  1. Never. Had it. :)

    Guess I am not a true Hoosier farm girl, am I?!?!



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