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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Best Laid Plans......

I've talked about this before, but I have to go there again:  All plans in a farmwife's life are subject to change at any given moment!

Way back in early June, I had a feeling that the girls and I would be ready for a bit of pampering after completing our projects and competing in the Cattle Show, so I booked them manis, me a pedi, and both the girls a hair trim for yesterday, Wednesday, July 30, 2014........All was going well until I took a little stroll across the road to check on the sweet corn....

See, we have been checking it for the last two weeks. We thought it would be ready about the time we had to go to the fair, but Mother Nature, in true form from the weather we have seen all year, threw us a curve and cooled the temps down around here.  That slowed the corn's ability to fill out its ears with that precious sweet golden corn.

It was ready Wednesday.

Go figure!

I didn't even think about checking in until about 9:30 a.m.. When I saw that the ears were perfect, I made a quick call to Mom and Dad, and started the "All Hands on Deck Scramble" to start the corn freezing process.  Tall Guy headed to the store to buy some ice, the girls started cleaning up the house (and I helped with the kitchen), then I went out to start picking ears.

Corn is a bit like peas.....you have to pick a lot to get what you want.  About the time I finished picking, with a bit of help from the girls, and Tall Guy came back with ice and an extra table, Mom and Dad pulled in, and we commenced to shucking.

While we all were shucking, TG was back in the garage heating up two pans on two outdoor burners, much like what you would use to deep fry a turkey, and create an ice cold water bath in one of our coolers.  We do it 8 minutes in the hot, boiling water, then plop! they go in the ice bath.  (BTW, There are about a million different ways to freeze corn.)

We also cut off the corn from the cob in the garage.  It cuts down on all the sticky corn on my floors and walls. Yes, it can go everywhere!  These naughty kitties were holding down the fort between shifts.

We all scattered at 2:30 to get to our respective appointments:

Two manis and a pedi.....

and two trims that turned into a lesson in how to French braid hair.

Tink's "waterfall" braid,

and Bear's ballerina look.

Because we are country girls, and this is how we roll, we rushed back to the second round of corn freezing

and then we had to rush Tink to her first soccer practice!

The bagging team...

Mom is sitting down because she is still getting her knees back into shape after double knee replacement surgery earlier this spring.  She was hoping to gain a bit of height, but she is still my mom who stands a proud 4'9 1/2".  NEVER forget that half!

Fresh off the cob!

In the end, it was all worth the time and trouble because we will have sweet corn that tastes like it's right off the cob all the way to next July!

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  1. One of the biggest obstacles that I have had to overcome since becoming a farm wife, is the constant changing of plans! Ugh some days it just drives me crazy! I'm glad you pointed it out in this post!



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