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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Help! I Have Naked Landscaping!

I know you are out there...you with your Burpee seed catalogues and torn out Better Homes and Gardens pages.  I've seen your garden gloves, little trowels and rakes and knee pads.  Some of you even have the floppy hat thing going for you.....

Well, that's not quite how I roll, so I am calling on you all to help me figure out what to put in these as-yet-unplanted new spots.

I have new spots because we added on earlier this year.  After getting settled on the inside, we are now trying to plan out how we want to "decorate" the extra space on the north, east and south sides of the house.

We have a start on the west side:

I have a miniature lilac bush that flowers twice a year, my "Truffala tree, a ...uhmmmm....a bush with dark green/burgundy leaves and pink flowers.....Dang what the heck is that plant's name??? Oh, and two huge anchor rocks.

This is the side that faces the road and has a porch.

This side has a little stone path off the porch, and cute little bushes that will have red berries on it through most of the winter.  It also has spring bulbs that include tulips, daffodils, and some crocus.

Between the porch and the road, I also have this garden space:

Here you will find daisies, columbine, corabells, Sweet William, a lilac bush that was a wedding gift, iris, a hydrangea transplant that didn't flower all year :-(, and one lone hollyhock.

These spaces are uncharted landscape islands in need of ideas.  The extra north side:

The east side (behind Sadie) that I don't seem to have a picture of, (and I think I am going to plant hollyhocks all along that side just to give Tall Guy something to grumble about.  He has an unreasonable dislike of these wonderful tall plants!)

the south side, a huge triangle of fun.  ( The propane tank will be moved or painted to look like a cow...I'm kind of serious about that!) This wall at the far left is our sun room, so I would like something colorful, simple, bird and butterfly friendly.

So those of you who love to garden, it is time to give me some ideas as to what I should put in these spaces. We have our eyes on a couple more anchor rocks.  I know I am a huge fan of the flowers that come up every year with some but not much maintenance.  My favorites are iris, lavender, sage, daisies, and Sweet William.  I guess these are kind of heirloom plants? Oldies but goodies anyways.  I also want to transplant the one peony bush I have and add to it.  It is right off the picture by the "l" in farmgirl.

This is the one flower patch on the south side of the house:

Yea, I need to get out there and weed!  You can see the cosmos, Sweet William, and baby's breath.  There are also columbine, iris, sage, and coralbells somewhere in all those weeds. 

Ok, my last reminders are 1.)  The wind blows up here A LOT!  2.)  The only two shady spots already have flowers growing under them. 3.)  I have to say again, I am a low maintenance, big color, long flowering kind of girl.  When I was a little girl, my mom grew petunias.  She loved those darned things, but it seems like I was always having to dead-head them.  Sticky icky things!

That's about it.  You now can start sending me all your great ideas for the empty spaces along my house!

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