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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dear Laptop.........

Dear Laptop,

You how much I love you right?  You are so much a part of my life that your "s" and "n" keys have the actual letters worn off of them.  Yes, I know; your "e," "c," "a," and "d" keys are also showing wear and starting to fade away.

I think I may have found a solution to slow down your aging process.  It is called a tablet~!

A big thanks to Kyle at Verizon for sending this Sony Xperia Z2 tablet to play with, allowing us to develop a close, personal relationship!

What's so great about this tablet?

Look how nice I look on the screen!

Ok, I will get a bit more serious....  Let me count the many reasons.

1.  It is so light!  I can't even begin to tell you how light it is, and yet I can go anywhere I want to without all the cords and "stuff." This little dude is much easier to carry around than a laptop.

See how thin it is?

2.  It has a USB PORT!  Maybe I lead a sheltered life, but this tablet is the first I have seen with this "hook-up-ability."  Now I can share and download pics and documents to a tablet!  Easy peasy!

What didn't show up very well in the picture above is the little flap that acts like a door to keep dust and water out of your computer. The open space is for a microSD card so you can save information and share.

3.  It truly makes my laptop the new desk-top, and that means the laptop in on the endangered species list.  I think laptops still have a place in my world.  This ASUS has THREE USB ports, and I can keep them all busy at the same time with external hard drives and my "tailless mouse."  Yeah, I'm just not a gifted user of the touch pad...This is the only time I like knowing there is a mouse in my house.

4.  I can take this tablet to a party; it fits in my bag.  I took it to the gathering at Kendell Culp's farm, and it came in handy because my phone started to die about half way through the evening. I grabbed the Sony Xperia and started taking pictures, even videos!

WAY COOL, and I was able to keep tabs on the weather with The Weather Bug app and scare the bejeezus out of everyone with the scary storm lurking in Illinois, poised to cross the state line and smack us here in Indiana. (Writer's note:  Said storm literally disintegrated at the state line, and nary a drop fell on me).  Yeah, I can say Henny Penny.....

I would like to see how this tablet would work with a wireless keyboard.... I'm going to ask to use one if another tablet comes up to review.  It would be soooo much easier to transport a tablet and keyboard than the big laptop.... I see endless possibilities.......

Now you might be thinking, "Lana, didn't Santa bring an iPad to your house a year or two ago?"  I would have to answer, "Yes, but I really haven't touched the device since he left it!"  The girls don't leave that thing alone long enough for me to get my hands on it.   I have to say, and I know this is a bit extravagant, but sometimes it would be nice if each of them had a tablet so that there would be no argument over sharing it.....but that means I still won't get my hands on it much!  Going to have to get tough with these young ladies if it ever comes to pass that we do acquire a second tablet....

So I have to give the Sony Xperia a 4.8 out of 5 rating.  -.1 because I wish it would realize when I forget to leave a space between words and add it for me.  My Samsung 4 phone can figure out what I was trying to say, so I would like to think the tablet could too. -.1 and this really isn't the fault of the tablet, but I would like a different protective case than the one it came with. It was awkward at times for me to hold it while reading and taking pictures.  I wish there was a protective case that would allow me to put my hand through a back strap, sort of like putting on a glove.

Final answer..... I'm a little lost here at home now that i just returned my tablet to the Mother Ship....I think I know what is going on my Christmas List
While Verizon provided me with the tablet to use for a few weeks, I did return it and was not compensated for this post.  My views are my own. Thanks to Verizon for letting me review their latest and greatest products.  

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