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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Search is On!

I have been telling Tall Guy that we need to try and take advantage of these last days before harvest to spend time with the girls in a fun activity or two.  Last weekend, he and the girls spent in the tool shed doing this

The girls DID have fun climbing all over the tractors and helping TG wax them to a brilliant green glow, but I was thinking so something a bit lighter on the work side and more along the lines of ....well, of an outing for lack of a better term.  And today we did it!

Our friend Mr. Kirk invited us to go look at 4-H calves after soccer last week.

Just have to stop here and mention that a certain Tink scored the winning goal for her team in the last minutes of her game!  Woot!  Miss Bear also had an awesome day and played very good defense!

Ok, back to the search.....

Tall Guy started coaching the girls as we drove to meet up with Mr. Kirk.

"Now, what do we want to look for in a 4-H calf?"

I was really proud of the girls for their answers:

"We want one that won't run away."
"We want one with a flat back, no swaybacks."
"We want one that will walk right"

What?  What is that last qualification all about?   One sign of a good show calf is its ability to walk by tracking.

Have you ever been in a cow lot or pasture?  After cows have been in a pasture for a time, you will begin to see paths worn into the ground.  Cattle are creatures of habit, and these worn paths are proof. When they walk at a leisurely pace, the back feet should go where the front feet were....

Huh?  When a calf steps forward with its right foot, the back right foot should step into the spot where the right foot was. Hmmm...... I should have video taped this part, but when you watch them walk, the back feet should look like they are kicking the front feet forward.  LIke the calf out front in the picture below.... Her right front hoof is back and just about to come up while her back right hoof is just about to step in the spot where the right front hoof was.

Anywho..... We saw some very nice calves this day at our first stop.

We stopped at one other spot, but the calves were too bunched up for me to get any good shots. There were a couple of nice steers or soon-to-be-steers in that group.

Cut to this weekend:  Tall Guy, Bear, and Mr. Kirk went to an auction, and some of these calves now have a new home, or they will once we go up and get them.  Stay tuned!  I haven't even told you about the new residents in our tool shed.  Some are just visiting, and some are permanent.  Hopefully, I can tell you the rest of the story soon.  Today, however, we finally went out to the field and picked some corn!  That made Grandpa very happy, and I have to say me too!  I have a plan to give you daily updates from the farm this harvest.  Tune in to my instagram pics @ibcfarmgirl.  They should also be popping up on my Facebook page so pop over HERE for a peek from the combine and other harvesty places!

~Have a great week, and be safe out there in the fields!


  1. Looks like fun!! Beautiful pictures!!! I often wonder his rancher's do it.. every one of them would be my pet. Lol.

  2. Leslie, I won't say it's easy at the end of fair, but it's all a part of life on the farm. Some of the heifers will go back and be bred, but there is only one end for a steer, and that is on our plate. It is good to know, though, whatever steer/heifer winds up in a freezer lived a well-cared for life on our farm.



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