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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Harvest: Day....Uhm.... I'm Not Sure!?!?!

Ok if I get my calendar out, I could tell you we started on October 5, and today is the 30th, so I guess it's only been 25 days.  That's 600 hours, and there were about four days we were out of the field due to weather.

It still doesn't seem like that much time....unless you have been putting in 10-16 hours a day seat time in tractors, trucks, combines, and in the chaotic time spent keeping everything running and moving augers and machinery.

I'm kind of pooped.  My Wonderful Neighbor Wannie and I were just talking on our phones yesterday.  She was in a tractor at the elevator waiting to unload grain, and I was sitting in the tractor that pulls our auger cart out in the field.  Our conversation went like this:

Me:  How are you doing?
W:  Good
(chatter chatter chatter)
W: Have you lost any weight doing this all day this long?"
Me: "Don't I wish!  If brain activity could burn calories I would be the skinniest girl in the world! The reality is I've spent most of my field time sitting on my butt, and it hasn't shrunk any that I would notice."
W: "Me neither!"

If only it was that simple!  We are officially into Day 25, and there are two large corn fields (like 180+ acres) and two bean fields (about 200+ acres) left to pick, cut, harvest....Whatever you want to call it.

Here are some pics from harvest, just in case you have been missing them on Instagram:

When I've been in the tractor, I've had a bit of time to read and play with my pictures, so you will see a couple of before and after pics using the Snapseed App. Next rain day I will chat more about harvest, but right now I need to may hay while the sun shines!

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