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Friday, October 3, 2014

Harvest: The First Few Days.

I am unashamedly borrowing this blog post idea from Brian Scott over at The Farmer's Life.  He captures a week's worth of pictures from his harvest and shares them with his readers.  Do you follow Brian?  You really should because he does an outstanding job of explaining how we farm while he's actually doing it.

Now me?  Well I still have a few "Mom Chores" left on my plate that includes seeing Miss Tink through the last few day of volleyball season.  They are still undefeated, AND they won the first game of our county tourney!  The winner will be decided Saturday night AFTER we play in tournament in Lafayette during the day Saturday.

Miss Bear took this one with my phone; I haven't had time to go back and look on the big camera for pics.

So besides being gym rats, we started harvest on Sunday with a test run across the road.  The beans are no where near ready.  Here are my pics from harvest so far.

Only YOU can prevent field fires!  See how the truck is away from the higher stalks?  If you have to park a vehicle in the field, try to keep it far away from any material that might easily burn.  Starting a truck/van/car in the field could throw a spark, and then you have trouble!

Hoping these jeans make it through harvest.....this isn't the only spot that is frayed :-(

I haven't had time to tell you, but we have had visitors in the cattle pen!

 Panels in the combine I need to remember and check!

Harvest: Day 5 is going the way of Day 4.  Lots of rain out there, everything is wet, so it's time to play catch up inside and out.  

Oh!  Today is also Pet Blessing Day!  I have to head out to the barn and corral two kittens!  Click here to see this day in a sunnier year. 

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  1. I love how you capture farming life ~ I feel like I am there working the harvest. Great pictures.



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