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Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Days of Ag November 16: One of My Favorite Days of the Year!

On the farm, even though we are now officially All.The.Way.Done., there are still things that need done on the farm.  Right after church we came home and moved equipment around from about a three mile radius before we could get to the main event.

Guess who turned "double digits" today???

Displaying IMG_20141116_144430.jpg

Yep, ten years ago Miss Bear was in a big hurry to get here.  We had gone to a District Farm Bureau meeting held in a town north of here, and right before I was elected Secretary/Treasurer for this district, some one asked if I had anything to add, and I believe I said, "Hurry up!" The next day was my due date!  Well, the contractions started in the dinner line, and went from 15 minutes, 15, 15, to 7, 7, 7. That third seven minute mark sparked us to hit the road, and as we hit I-65 headed to Lafayette, the contractions went steadily down in minutes until my water broke at our exit.  Miss Bear was born 14 minutes after the ambulance brought me there, and Tall Guy made it with seven minutes to spare. This crazy little bundle of energy hasn't lost any speed since then.

That's some funky cake huh?  It's my first attempt at a gluten free cake, and she wanted lime green marshmallow cream in the middle...... Let me just ask right now, Am I the only one who didn't know the marshmallow creme would run and hence make the cake shift in a BIG way?  Oy~

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I invoked the famous "never judge a book by its cover" on this one because despite its off-kilter look, it tasted pretty darned good.

And of course her favorite meal consisted entirely of food from the farm:

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Rib-eye steak, asparagus, and sweet corn. Yum! Grandma and Grandpa Lyons approved this menu choice!

After all the festivities, we still needed to run out, feed the cows and calves, and move equipment around before this first bit of accumulating snow hit.

Displaying 20141116_170205.jpg

Displaying 20141116_165859.jpg

Poor Miss Sadie still seems to be in a bit of disbelief that the white stuff is coming down again.

Displaying 20141116_170254.jpg

Happy Birthday Bear!  Love you to bits! And Everyone take your time to where you are going tonight and tomorrow.  The first days of driving in winter weather can be tricky!

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