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Monday, November 17, 2014

30 Days of Ag: November 17: The Faces of Farming and One Question

Monday.....A load of laundry is washing, and a load is drying.  Birthday treats for Bear's class are being delivered as I type this thanks to Tall Guy needing to run errands in town.  Tonight is Tink's first 6th grade basketball game of the year.  And it keeps right on moving through the calendar days.

Today I want to stop and look at the faces I see on our farm.  They each tell their own story.

Tall Guy was kind enough to clean the hard-to-get-to mirror on the right side of the combine so I could take better pictures see what was going on behind the machine.

One of our rare moments working together. Sometimes it's hard for spouses to work that closely with both on big machines.  We did a pretty good job, though.

Ah the cows!  We sent five down to be processed last week and may take 2 or more down this week. Good Beef!

I still miss these little fur balls, but with all the potential momma cats running around here, there will soon be more cute fur balls to watch.

In telling you that we three, Tall Guy, Grandpa, and I, farm our 2000 acres, it was time this year to improve on my resume.  I finally got the hang of running the tractor with the auger cart, but it was a challenge every time I pulled up to the truck/semi to dump.  TG says I may be helping him get a few scratch marks off the wagon's auger.  Apparently someone drove a bit too close to the semi, and the auger was up against the top of the semi's trailer.  OOps!

I never get tired of seeing the faces of our calves.  Each one is unique and inspires the imagination.

These next two pictures make me smile because this is what I think of when I want to picture autumn in my mind.

And this face, while you can't really see it, is the face of Grandpa.  He and I worked together most of the harvest. He was a pretty good teacher; patience is a must with farm wives in the tractor cabs.  Here he was showing me where to make a new pass.  You have to look for the sometimes mythical 8th row, and sometimes we hit it, and sometimes we didn't.

All that is left now of harvest is trying to work bean ground and new tile places.  We are a bit at the mercy of Mother Nature, as we can't or shouldn't go out and try to work ground that is frozen.  TG says he has a tractor and implement all ready with my name on it to be used at the first break in the weather.  Wooo....For now, I will go change out laundry and get ready for tonight's first basketball game.

And now for that one question or request:  Are you, dear reader, a farm wife?  If so, I would love for you to leave your name, state, and description of what you do on the farm.  It might be bookkeeper to  chuck wagon, to parts gal, to doing it all.  I would love to know who all is out there like me.  There just has to a quite a few of us out there, so be proud and leave me a comment to give yourself a shout out for what talent(s) you bring to the farm.

Have a great week!


  1. I'm not a farm wife but my good friend is. She doesn't work on the farm though. I've been fascinated by what you do. I'd love to drive the big green combine (?). Should I send an application for next year?


    1. Bonnie, you are more than welcome to come down next year for a ride, and maybe we can sneak to the back of the field so you can drive for a while! ;-) It's not that hard until something runs "amuck!"

  2. I bale hay, feed animals, pull calves, take care of chickens and ducks, pick horse stalls, keep records, help work cattle, feed the crew and anything else that needs to be done.

  3. Lori, you are AWESOME! I'm not sure I will ever learn how to bale hay or straw. Whenever it's time to do that, we are racing a deadline or a storm, and that doesn't leave much time for patient explanations. I'm following you now through my email! Thanks for checking in. I'm not sure where you are on the map, but in NW Indiana, it gets pretty darned cold when we have to work calves in November on out until April! Stay warm!



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