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Thursday, November 20, 2014

#30 Days of Ag. November 20: Real Farmwives of America and Friends

Yesterday, I talked about Indiana Farm Bureau and how it has been a great organization to give a voice to Indiana's farmers.  It was through IFB that I started blogging about our life here on the big little farm.  The best part about my blog is that I get to work with some incredible women involved Agriculture from all over the state.  Have you met my friends?  You can read their posts on Real Farmwives of America's Facebook page and also at our website RFOA.

I spent a good part of the day today down in Indy learning all I could soak up from Jill Levenhagen. She blogs over at Blog Chicka Blog, and she taught us to know our cameras better and navigate the editing program Lightroom.

Now you might be wondering why we farm gals need to be learning all the fancy ways to take good pictures and editing them into even betters shots.  It's all geared to help us tell our story in the best way possible.  We want our family recipes to shine when we make them for you, we want you to see every color of the sunrises and sunsets we see, we want you to think our kids are pretty darned cute even when they are standing in or covered with a bit of organic material.  Some days we live by the ideas that a picture does paint a thousand words and seeing is believing.  

There were food shots:

There were head shots.  Miss Sarah over at This Farm Family's Life was a great sport while we all tried different settings to capture the perfect pose.  Some of the ladies adjusting their cameras are Jent, From My Front Porch, Liz, Two Maids a Milking, and Meggie, Hoosier Farm Babe. It's kind of funny, but all of us are used to being behind the camera, so posing isn't always something that comes natural to us.  We all had a turn, and amazingly, it wasn't too terrible to smile into the camera.  I think it helps to have a friend on the other end of the lens.

Yeah, I need to crop this one, but a big thanks to Miss Heather over at 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs for being the backdrop girl!

Learning the finer points of focus:

and I kind of liked these balls of yarn and "stuff."

Again, these pictures taken today do not have a direct connection to agriculture, but in perfecting our pictures, we learn to better show you what we do when we get back home.  Also, I love to just sit back and chat about who is still in the field, how harvest went, what antics have the animals been up to lately, and a check on everyone's kiddos are doing.  We don't' get a lot of time to do that when we are out in the fields either driving machines or bringing food out to those who are in the cabs.

Here's a big thanks to all my RFOA pals for keeping it fun and sane!

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