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Friday, November 21, 2014

#30 Days of Ag November 21: Indiana Soybean Alliance

Hello and TGIF!

Looks like I am going to dedicate most of this week's blog posts to organizations and groups that I work with to promote Agriculture.  First there was Indiana Farm Bureau, and yesterday it was all about my gal-pals at Real Farmwives of America and Friends (RFOA), and today it is Indiana Soybean Alliance's turn to grab a bit of the spot light.

RFOA sprang from a group of like-minded women who wanted to give Ag a voice to the young urban mothers of America who might be well removed from the farm.  Our home base has always been in the meeting rooms of Indiana Soybean Alliance's offices.  They have supported our efforts in too many ways to mention, and made impossible ideas possible with that support.

Have you ever been to The Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fair?  Do you know Beany?

Indiana Soybean Association also sponsored the Dine and Discuss evening at Kendell Culp's family farm in nearby Rensselaer.  That was a great experience seeing how we can still make every part of a meal prepared with food grown on one farm or withing the county!

ISA works closely with all of Indiana's agriculture commodities, and that makes sense because we all need each other to make this food chain work.  You can see this best tomorrow when I talk about yet another important group of Ag people making sure Indiana's farmers and produce are promoted and supported.  If you do want to learn more about ISA, you can contact our very own Gal in the Middle, Megan Kuhn, Director of Communications. 

Have an awesome day, enjoy the sunshine we have shining on us today, and remember, if the sun is not directly shining on you, it is just above the clouds!  

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