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Saturday, November 22, 2014

#30 Days of Ag. November 22 : Indiana Family of Farmers

When those few great, young, enthusiastic, creative, and savvy women put their heads together to create Real Farmwives of America and Friends, it seems like it was the idea that pulled so many of our Ag businesses and organizations together.  From this, Indiana Family of Farmers (IFOF) was born.

IFOF is such a great resource for any and all questions about Indiana Agriculture. This is a list of all those single entities that come together contributing resources and people power to our mission to educate all consumers about what we grow and produce in Indiana:

The following organizations contribute to Indiana’s Family of Farmers:
Isn't that an extensive list of people to tap when a question pops up?  I have linked up to many of these organizations when I need help explaining a process or need to verify my facts. Another fact about this list is that many of them get together once a month or so to talk about AG related issues. Grain prices effect feed and animal productions, and poor weather conditions can touch us all.  It is so important to keep an open channel of dialog between our state's Ag organizations and institutes

The Partnerships/Opportunities page is another great resource to find Ag education materials for the classroom or your own farm kids.

Over on Facebook, Indiana's Family of Farmers, and IFOF and Dairy Blogger Programs are great pages to look for activities created to let you know more about what we, as farmers, do.

With us just getting back into a routine after harvest, I'm trying to get back in touch with all of these groups and see what I have missed while putting in seat time out in the field.  I know that the people behind these organizations have kept the agricultural home fires burning while we have been burning the midnight oil trying to bring in the harvest.  Thanks IFOF for spreading the good word about Ag.

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