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Friday, November 28, 2014

#30 Days of Ag November 28: The Good Samaritan

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I love where we live!  When the stars are out,the whole ski lights up!  I don't have to worry about people peeking in windows, or being too loud.  In our neighborhood, the coyotes are our noisiest neighbors!

On our two mile stretch of road there are a grand total of six houses.  Between our house and our neighbors closest to the east is a piece of ground we call "Bird Ground."  There are many such places all over the state.  Ground is set aside or taken out of production and used for wild life sanctuaries about 11 months out of the year.  During hunting season, however, our little road picks up a bit more traffic.  Hunters who have put their names into a drawing are allowed to hunt on this ground.

The hunters above had a pretty good day....good day that is until they went to leave and backed in to a culvert.  It just had to have been their lucky day.  We had seen them getting ready to leave as we headed out to town then on to my niece's for Thanksgiving Day Part 2.  Just as we made into town, I realized I didn't have my round baking stone that I needed to make my part of the meal, so back home we went.

Once we were back on our road, we saw the van's predicament, and one of the hunters returning from a walk up the road to our neighbor's house, but no one was home.   Tall Guy and I looked at each other, sighed a bit, and turned around to see if they needed help, which they did.  We zoomed back home so TG could get a tractor out to them, and I had to grab my forgotten stuff and run an errand back up the road for him.  The picture above is the "after" picture.  All was well!  The hunters were from a county up north, knew no one in our neighborhood, and they really were up the proverbial creek.

I'm glad we stopped.  Most farmers do stop when we can to help out others in distress.  We also watch out for each other.  Not the Gladis Cravits kind of watch (you DO remember her from the show Bewitched right?).  It's just that after going by each other's homes, we notice when something is amiss, whose dog is loose, and what lights should and should not be on at any given part of the day. We also keep a big chain in most farm-worth machines for occasions just like the one we came upon today.

Being good neighbors and Samaritans seems to come naturally to us out here in the country.

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