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Saturday, November 29, 2014

#30 Days of Ag November 29: Making up for Lost Time

In the crazy life of a farm wife, especially during the peak times of planting and harvest, there is precious little spare time.  Add in the active lives of two young ladies, and that little slice of pie gets even smaller.  That's why today, the girls and I went shopping.

Would you believe I don't have one picture of us shopping?  We just climbed into the van and went out into the world outside our farm boundaries.  Today was Small Town Shop Saturday, so that's what we tried to do.  Fowler has two fun stores, Blessings and Buds and Berries Classy Chic. Wonderful treasures made and/or re-purposed into fun new uses.  Next stop was in the big town of Boswell for a look see at yet another little store at the far south end of town that has a great selection of paintings, message boards, decoration, and country food to offer.

The girls had so much fun shopping at these stores.  We even ran into an old, dear friend, Miss K. whose business is called The Charmed Paint Brush.  She is the very same talented artist who gave life to my kitchen a few years ago.  Remember?  You have to click HERE, scroll down through the applesauce, and then you will see the walls and doors of my kitchen.  These scenes always make me smile.

What's this have to do with Ag?  Well, on the surface, not much, but if you dig deeper into our daily lives, you will see that there isn't a whole lot of "fun time" to be found.  That's why today was a special day.  It's nice to get off the farm for a while, but after spending several hours in somewhat tiny spaces with lots of people, it makes coming back to farm such a blessing.

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