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Saturday, November 15, 2014

30 Days of Agriculture November 15: A Week's Review in Pictures!

It all started a week ago with this little guy's birthday.  All three of them, the blurry kids, have birthdays between November 12-30, so November is a big month around here even without harvest figured in.  I don't know how we did it, but both girls were born right after we finished harvest.  Mr. M was born while we were at the bowling alley with a bunch of little girls having a crazy birthday celebration.  As I type, Tall Guy is down south finishing up the last field of corn, both girls have a friend over, and everyone is upstairs,......and....it just became very quiet up there........hmmm...... And I have to go bake a gluten free cake for tomorrow, Bear's official birthday. So I am leaving you today with a week in review of mostly Ag pics.  Have a great weekend, and I will let you know if we all survived tomorrow!

This is a picture of the bean sample I took in to the elevator to be tested.  I had just hopped out of the shower when I had the phone call to take these over......at least I was clean if not still a little wet.

They are double crop beans; beans that we plant over the wheat ground right after it is harvested.  They go in late, around the 4th of July, and sometimes they don't even amount to that proverbial "hill of beans," but this year we had about 30 bushel to the acre.  30 x 18 acres = 540 bushel and at, let's say $10 to the bushel, that little experiment gave us $5,400 :-)  Not too shabby for a crap shoot!

Keep your toes warm out there, and have a great day!

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