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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#30 Days of Agriculture November 26: What Farmers Do after the Crops Are Harvested.....

I would really love to tell you that we pack our bags and head to sunny Florida for the next four months, but that treat is reserved for our elders.  We are still at home, checking, fixing, cleaning, and putting all the harvest equipment away in "ready to go" condition.  This can turn into a complicated game of Tetris as we jockey wagons, implements, and tractors inside three different tool sheds.

Oh, and once we had this tool shed full, we had to ward off evil rodents that might chew on crucial wires and other important parts. 

When my beloved Tall Guy moved this tarp to the trailer with the fuel tank, a few residents were evicted.  It would have been nice if he had given me a heads up, but you know me, anything to make TG smile.............(paybacks are being plotted!).

Time to hop inside, eat some lunch and catch up on The Young and the Restless right?  Nope!  I still have no clue who the father of Victoria's baby is.   It was time to start hauling corn to a local elevator. It was just a tad bit breezy up here on the ridge!

See?  At least I added a few bits of color to my Carhartt brown attire! Time to move the auger to the right bin.

This is a swing auger because the red part with the little wheels unhooks from the silver part, and this extension can be moved by a motor to go under the bin we want to use.

OK, so what is an auger?  On this farm it's pretty much anything that looks like the sliver blades under the red cage.  The same spiral-type blade is inside the silver "neck" of the large auger, and there is another long auger right beneath the #3 on the bin.  It is the first one to start turning as it brings the grain out of the bin.


Then the smaller swing auger feeds the corn up through the large silver auger, and it takes the corn up and out into the trailer. Below is my view as I tell TG when it's time to move forward.

Yeah, This is TG making sure I know what I am doing.......you farm wives out there will understand this picture and what words were playing in my head but being filtered before going through my mouth. 

And that, my friends, is going to be a big part of our winter activities, and I'm pretty sure it won't be all sunshine and balmy weather out there, but that's what we do!~

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