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Thursday, November 27, 2014

#30 Days of Agriculture November 27: Happy Thanksgiving!

Click HERE to ask a real turkey farmer about how turkeys are raised
Happy Thanksgiving!

Not that I am giving this day the short end of the blog stick, but I would love for you to meet an Iowa farm family who works every day of the year to give us, or most of us, the main course of our Thanksgiving meal. They are turkey farmers, and Miss Katie is also an awesome home decorator, mommy to two boys, author of a book for children called My Family's Farm, and she can talk turkey!

Please head on over to meet Miss Katie and her family On the Banks of Squaw Creek.

Have safe travels, and when you are thanking the Good Lord for all the blessings in your life, take time to remember those who helped put the food on your plates:  the cooks and the farmers!

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