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Friday, November 14, 2014

30 Days of Blogging for Agriculture November 14: Mother Nature Off-Balance

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I am a HUGE lover of seasons, and I look forward to all of them on the farm.  Spring brings growth, Summer brings development, Fall brings maturity. Winter brings rest.  It's the Circle of Life right?

This year I think Mother Nature added some loopity-loops to her circle.  October last about five or six whole days, and we've pretty much had late November weather ever since.  Now that we are in to November, Mr. December is trying to sneak in for some extra days.

I have to tell you that while I was out in the combine yesterday helping Tall Guy harvest crops for a family in Warren County, "Baby It's Cold Out Side," "Over the River and Through the Woods," and "Let It Snow" were playing continuously in my head.

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Yes, I know that it is not unusual for it to snow in November.  I even remember getting about six inches in early October several years ago, 199??.  But it seems, like the hours of child birth, these memories slip away until unusual weather strikes again.

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I've heard stories like "Back in ______, (insert a variety of years long ago!), we ran in for our turkey meal and then hit the fields again."  "Why I remember picking corn in January....."  You get the idea.

I truly love snow, and last night I made the comment on an Instagram post that I felt like I worked in a snow globe most of the day.  While I stayed in my toasty cab, it was beautiful; however, when I had to get out and help do something, I really wished I had remembered my gloves.  (Dad, don't tell Mom I went out without them!)

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Apparently, the snow kept going even after we made it to the house around 7:30 because the streets of Fowler were covered in the stuff.  Out here, where the wind tends to move it along, we still had snow in spots, especially along the grass/sidewalk and field rows.  The van said it was 17 degrees out as I took the girls to school, so there was no melting during the night.

This cold actually helps us.  Frozen ground is better to drive on if it stays that way throughout the day.  Cold weather will also zap out a lot of moisture from the beans and corn, and that means less cost of drying them.

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It really doesn't do any of us any good to raise our fists and ask the clouds why they chose to snow on us, so I am going to enjoy it even though I missed my crisp, cool October nights.  Time for fires in the fire place and cuddly blankets (and insulated Carrhartt gear, boots, and gloves).

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