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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 12: I'm Dreaming of a Home-Cooked Meal

OK, as I look back at yesterday's post, it probably was not my best writing, but sometimes we just have to remind ourselves like we remind our kids, "You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit."

I've got a better post for you today!  Wooo!

As most of you know, I write with a group of ladies under the umbrella of Real Farmwives of America.  We have a web site and a Facebook page.  We also have a wonderful gal who keeps us motivated with reachable goals and incentives to make sure we are sharing our little world of Agriculture with you.  This week's writing prompt is:  Eating on the Go.

I have to tell you, it isn't very fancy around here during harvest, especially when the one who is supposed to fix lunch is sitting right out there in the field with everyone else.  Whoever was closest to the house brought out lunch.

Usually this duty fell on Tall Guy's shoulders because he was taking grains and putting it in various bins for drying and/or storage, and while he didn't mind, he did request that I get everything as ready as I could for him before I left the house. REALLY!?!?!

I have to tell it to you straight; our meals were not always on the healthy side of the menu.  Oh, I tried to balance the bad with a "Halo" baby orange fruity thing or an apple, but what everyone immediately started to hunt for was the little candy bars hidden under the potato chips! Caffeine in the truck, combine cab or tractor cab is your best friend around 1-2:00.  That's when the Nap Fairy usually comes calling, and the only way to scare her away is by consuming caffeine.

Our main course at lunch was a sandwich of some sort + chips(potatoes are a vegetable aren't they???) + fruit + water or G2 (low-cal Gatorade), or fizzy drinks (Vanilla Coke Zero and I made a good team) + "mini" candy bars.  Thanks Halloween!  This may be the only reason I like to see your holiday on my calendar!

Oh! Now I did take my go-to roast recipe to a Pork Shoulder Cut that made WONDERFUL pulled pork sandwiches!   My secret ingredient???   Two cans/bottles of BEER and any spices you like.  I add roasted garlic, dehydrated onions, and some meat spices to my crock pot! (This works for any type of roast!  Click here to see a simple rump roast become an amazing 5 star entree!)

 Now what I really would have rather had was.....

or this (click here for the recipe)

or the meal I made here that included this lovely hoe-grown main course:

Honestly, the only thing that would be better than a home-cooked meal would be a home-cooked meal made by someone else.  I'm still pretty pooped from all the harvest fun, and my brain is trying to shuffle from farming to making a family calendar for the next three months that won't make us all faint.  Lots of basketball and Indiana Farm Bureau in our future!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Lana, this harvest will eventually be over, then we can all celebrate with chips and salsa and margaritas!

  2. Crystal, I am so with you on this one! Just name the place!

  3. Crystal, I am so with you on this one! Just name the place!



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