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Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3: Balancing Field Work with House Chores

This post is Day 3 of a 30 day challenge for bloggers to talk about Ag.  Chick here for a list of other bloggers joining in the fun.

My hat goes respectfully off to any farm wife who is keeping a clean and spiffy house during peak seasons like harvest.  This is NOT my strong suit.  Oh, the house is not in shambles completely, and all of the laundry is caught up.....sort of, but the dusting and sweeping isn't happening as often as it should.  So we do the best we can.

Yesterday,as we came home from church, Tall Guy asked me if I would like to have the day off. WOW!  That sounded so wonderful for about five minutes until I realized I would be spending most of this time trying to "right the ship."

This is a picture of my desk this morning:

ACK! right?  I really wanted to get it cleaned off, but I am happy that I did balance my check book for the month.  I also enlisted the girls to help with laundry, and that is all done and put away (for the most part). I also helped the guys move to the next field, and so my "day off" didn't start until around 1:00 p.m.  My MIL stopped by, and we spent about an hour chatting and trying to figure out how to work the Samsung Health Ap on her new phone.

I was also trying to find a home for this cutie:

She was from a litter of five, but four of them developed a virus, and their momma abandoned them. She was our only survivor. The girls call her Ninja; TG and I call her Fluffybutt.  We nursed her back to good health, Sadie became her new sleeping buddy, and now she will go to a good home.  She is too little to take back out to the barns, and we decided no more indoor cats for us.  The girls are sad, but they know she has a much better life ahead of her, full of love and safe from coyotes.   Yet another balancing moment in life on the farm.  The strongest do survive.

The rest of the late afternoon/evening was spent with the girls, cleaning the kitchen, and making homemade pizza. Hopefully, this is the last hard week for us, but I do see today lasting well after dark with rain said to start tomorrow morning. I was also hoping Peyton Manning would have a successful day.  I guess you can't have it all right?  See you tomorrow!

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