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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4 : Balancing...well... Myself and Safety Practices

We finished beans Monday!  WOO to the HOO!  That leaves us two corn fields, one about 3/4 done and the other, oh, maybe a 1/4 done.  We also have a small field of double crop beans right next to the house to cut, but they will be the last crops out.  Double crop beans are beans that are planted on top of a wheat field, so they are planted late and basically any money made is considered a gift.

I found myself rotating between the tractor pulling the auger wagon and the combine.  After we pulled home from the last bean field, I was getting out of the tractor and the door came forward on me, making me lose my balance.  The great news is that I landed on my feet!  The not so great news is that I had been having some pain in my right heal, and a jarring landing didn't help that situation.

It's so important to practice good safety around the farm.  My little to-do was nothing, though my heal is screaming otherwise, but there are many potentially dangerous situations on a farm. It is so important to see ALL people in the field with you before moving any piece of machinery, especially the big ones like the combine and auger wagon.  I seriously cannot see behind me when driving with the auger cart on a country road; that's usually why I'm in the middle of a convoy (combine, wagon, and grain head) as we move from farm to farm.

Another point to remember is that if you are in a car and cannot see the mirrors of the farm equipment ahead of you on the road, then you have to realize that we cannot see you either.  Getting too close to the back end of farm equipment while moving is like getting too close to the back end of a donkey.  It's just not safe!

As I am typing this morning, the pitter patter of rain is hitting the window.  That means perhaps another day inside to catch up on the house, mail, and cluttered desk.

Have a great day, and be safe out there!

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