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Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7: Unbalanced or Rather Upsetting the Apple Cart

There's one in every bunch.  He's the jokester, the funny guy.....  Tall Guy has decided this steer's name is D.A. until the girls come up with a better one.  He's not a bad steer; he just hasn't developed the social graces our other four calves have.  In his defense, the other four were raised together.  I told TG that we needed to find a better name for him.  I'm sure with a little thought, you cam figure out what D.A. means.

Let me tell you a bit of something about this steer; he was smart enough to get out of his side of the pen and find his way back into the tool shed this afternoon.  Tink and I were going out to feed them....you know that weird,funny feeling when you walk up on something that shouldn't be where you find it. There's that slight pause when your brain says,"Nooooooo........Yeppppp." There was D.A. on the wrong side of the gate chatting with his pals.

Displaying 20141107_162040.jpg

First we had to figure out how he escaped.  When we examined his outdoor play area, we noticed that he had simply wiggled through a part of the pen he shouldn't have been able to get through. I really didn't stop to take a picture of it open because it was very important that it not be left open.

Displaying 20141107_162045.jpg

Thank goodness for bailing wire.  It comes to the rescue once again!

Displaying 20141107_162052.jpg

All this happened right after I was replaced out in the field to come in and spend some time with the girls.  Bear has bronchitis but is not contagious, so she muddled through the day at school.  This might be the first week she has gone without missing a day since school started!  Woo!

Now, as far as we know, all is well in the calf pens in the tool shed.  Just another day in the life! Headed back into the living room to establish a balance of tempers.  A farm wife's job is never quite over until the last soul goes to sleep!

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