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Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 8: Balancing Time with the Family

As I type, Tall Guy is across the road picking (or shelling as some of you would like me to call it) the last of our corn.  Why am I not out there?  Well, because this darling little boy celebrated his third birthday today.

Little M is my GREAT-nephew!  His momma is my niece, and Bear is the spitting image of her as a young girl!

Below is Mr. M with his uncle newly back from Qatar and his thrid tour of duty overseas! We are SOOOOO glad to have him back on U.S. soil as of mid-October!

Sometimes you just have to hop out of the field to experience moments that will never come again, and you only turn three once right?  (unless being 52 means I've turned 3....uhm.... 17.333333 times)!

Happy Birthday to Mr. M. who officially turns three on the 12th!  Uh oh!  That means that Bear and Tink have birthdays coming yet this month!  Off to shop some with my best shopping buddy, Amazon Prime!

P.S. Tall Guy is not finished with  our corn as of 6:35 p.m., but I can just feel that he is very close and will stay out until he is done!

This means we will have a small celebration for being done with our part of harvest 2014, but then we move south to Warren County to help a family harvest their 200 acres.  WOOO!

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