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Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1 : Time to Take Time for Me

After chatting about Ag for the last 30 days straight, I think I had better be a bit more transparent about what is going on just below the camera lens.

I've been gaining weight.  It makes me cringe to say that because a few years ago, about 4 I think, I lost about 60 pounds.  I wasn't at my "suggested" weight, (Heck I haven't weighed 145 since I was about 27!), but I looked great and felt healthier and had dreams of getting down very close to that magical 145, but it wasn't to be.  Now, I'm not back to my heaviest, but I have gained a good portion of it back.  It's been a combination of me spending more time on my rear than on my feet, and this little (add a sarcastice tone here)  autoimmunal/fibromyalgia  issue going on just beneath my skin. Since I have started medicine for that, I have gained about 25 pounds.....I don't think the extra weight is helping my pain issues.  It's gotten to the point where I need to walk/move to get rid of the pain, but it's getting just about too painful some days to move at a pace where I would break a sweat and burn the necessary calories to move that scale back to the left.

Yes, I was moving while I helped with harvest, but honestly a lot of my time in the field consisted on time in a seat.  I did some climbing and lifting, but not for any length of time.  My eating habits weren't so great either, but I tried.  There were also two birthdays and two Thanksgiving meals to get through in the past two weeks.  But now it's a new month, the very first day of it and the week, and I am getting a jump start on that wonderful New Year's Resolution to get my healthy body back.  If you all have any words of wisdom, I would love to hear them.  I'm much better at moderation than elimination of foods from my diet.  I'm also adding more fruits and veggies in to the mix.

Today starts my mission to get back control over my body.  Tall Guy moved the elliptical into our room, and I just "moved" on it for eleven minutes!  I was shooting for 15, and at one point hoped I would get to 8, but I kept going until 11.  Tall Guy was sitting at his deck encouraging me, and that helps!  It's a start.  I was sweating, I burned calories, I moved!

Here's to a Healthy December!  If, will all the tempting, yummy foods coming from everyone's kitchen, I am setting a reasonable goal of losing 5-10 pounds in 30 days.  If you would like to join me in the fun, chime in with your goals.  I will not post for 30 days straight, but I will try to keep a log of lost pounds as they come off and post them at the end of a regular blog post.  'Tis the Season to Merry, and a healthy body makes everyone merrier!


  1. I am definitely going to follow you. Please share what you are doing as far as eating and exercise. Thanks.

  2. Linda, I am seriously going to start at 11 minutes on the elliptical, eat as much food "naked" as I can (which means without breading, bread, cheese, and so on), and make this as painless as possible for the rest of my family ;-) Thanks for the follow, and I promise to keep the progress monitored on my posts.

  3. Excellent! Being about your age, I know how easy it is for the pounds to creep on. I just lost 15 lb over the past few months, and for me, it was all about getting my "mind" into the idea of losing weight. I wish you total success, and I'll enjoy reading about your progress.



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