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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Talking about Tuesday: Hoosier Beef Congress

I'm not sure why I've started this week with a "Day" theme, but whatever it takes to get the writing juices going......I will work with it.

Hoosier Beef Congress was the first weekend of December.  We headed down to the Indiana State Fairgrounds just as observers to see what this gathering was all about.  I believe anyone between the ages of 8 and 20 may show here, and everyone says it's a great way to start gauging the calves for future events. The big show, at least for us, is our county fair.

Watching the kids show calves, especially the younger ones, was fun.  We also heard this event will help finally break calves into being show calves, and I have to say they were all pretty well behaved bovine, with a couple of stubborn ones mixed in just to show it isn't always easy for a 60 pound kid to get a 1000+ pound calf to move at the desired time.  Even the bigger ones can have their hands full!

The best experience for the kids has to come from chatting with the judges and getting comfortable with their calves.

I liked these two pictures because it shows a couple of points.  1.) the difference between a calf "set up" and one that is not. 2.) The difference of the size of the showman and calf can be distracting.

These ladies are getting the hang of it.

What was really fun was finding a bit of Benton County all grouped together.  There a few other BCers scattered around, but it's always nice to find a bit of home away from home.!

This family is Just.The.Best!  They have been in a lot of my posts over the years.  Big Sis shows cattle, and Little Brother loves to help get Sissy's hair ready for show.

It might be "all about the bass" in musicland, but here, it's all about the Bling!

We had a great day down at the fairgrounds surrounded by calves and people...now we need to decide if we can pull our act together and try it next year.  Anyone know when 2015 harvest will be over?


  1. Lana,
    I love seeing families working together showing livestock. It's a great way to raise kids.

    I grew up showing cattle and it was one of the best and most influential experiences of my life. I haven't touched a show calf in over 10 years and I still miss it.

    We sold many many calves to 4-H kids in Indiana. Dad made it back to HBC once. Growing up HBC was a show I always wanted to check out.

    1. Thanks for the comment Robyn. We are still trying to decided. As we witnessed all the behind the scene action, Steve and I keep asking ourselves if we can do it without the entourage. It was a great experience though, and I bet we get there in the next couple years.



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