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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Geez! Where Did Those Last Two Weeks Go?

Well for Pete's sake!  I can't believe I haven't been on here for two weeks!  What have I been up to?

Here's a little photo montage of those last 14 days.

More awesome friend time with a fun trip to Indy

Talking about farming to this adorable bunch of kindergartners as I started my Junior Achievement lessons with them.

Sat in a meeting "with the guys" at our local John Deere store to learn the latest and greatest John Deere programs.

Sniff Sniff.... Went to Tink's last home game.  Time has gone much too quickly!

Trimmed our calves' heads, briskets and bellies so their hair will be beautiful come fair time.

Played a bit of H-O-R-S-E and P-I-G with the girls.

Watched some beautiful sunrises just outside my bedroom window,

Helped Tall Guy load trucks of corn to take down to Lafayette's Staley plants.

Sniff  Sniff....Watched our Bear play in her FIRST basketball home game.

Traveled to Indianapolis with some of our Benton County Farm Bureau Board members to chat with our State Representative Sharon Negele and Senator Rick Niemeyer at the Capitol.

So, I'm sure I will be telling you more about these stories in the next coming days and weeks, plus I will be keeping you better up to date with our latest projects, trips, and farm news. OH!  Maybe not the biggest news, but news that makes me smile is that my camera, the big one, is back from it's visit to the camera doctor.  Both body and lens are fixed, clean, and ready for action.  I swear it felt like I was missing an appendage without it by my side.  The phone does a pretty good job of taking pictures, but my camera is the best!


  1. Looks like you've been a fun kind of busy!!!! A farmers work is never done. That is a stunning sunset photo! : )
    Hugs from Baltimore

    1. Thanks Leslie! I think I could take those pictures every sunny morning and be a happy girl!

  2. You sound like me, Lana. I tell people I'm not sure what J and I are doing, but we are busy. In the last week we have done several cattle jobs. We have taken advantage of the nice weather to get a few odd jobs done outside before it turns cold again. All that on top of our everyday chores.

    Glad you are enjoying life, family and agriculture!

    1. Thanks Robyn! People ask me about doing something a week or so away, and I can't even pull up my schedule in my mind! Looks like we are headed toward a snowy end of the weekend, so Tall Guy is out scraping the cow lot and making sure all hatches are battened down! :-)

  3. That pic of the basketball hope is wonderful! Love the textures.

    1. Thanks Jessica! I had to go back and look at it again to see your view; that's how busy I have been. I'm craving some time that I can move as slow or as fast as I (insert bold, underline, 56 exclamation points) want to move!



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