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Monday, January 12, 2015


Finally!  I have some company up here at the top of the hill!  Yep, today is Tall Guy's 50th birthday. We aren't doing a big "to do" today because we did the impossible and surprised him last Saturday!

It's been a week and two days, and I'm still pooped from all the secrecy and plotting and meeting behind scenes, on top of the Christmas season and hosting a very casual gathering at our house on New Year's Eve. That is my secret to getting motivated: Invite people over to our house.

It really works, and everyone pitches in, but the big job was getting the garage cleaned out from all the winter "stuff" that has found itself inside.

The plan was for a very good friend, our best man in fact, to come up home and ask us to meet him for lunch at the 100 Mile Rib and Chop House.  The girls were able to stay home from this with a bit of acting from Miss Bear, saying that her tummy was hurting her, and she didn't think she could eat anything.  (So wish that wasn't a believable situation, but more on that later).  While TG and I were eating lunch, all my helpers were busy back at home, swooping in with food, tables, chairs, and decorations.

Thanks to Ms. Gidget for whipping up TG's favorite cake: Texas Sheet Cake.  It was a huge hit with everyone!

I left a bit early from our meal, and spirited Miss C. home with me to meet Tink and Bear while TG and Big E talked boy talk.

Like our beards?  The girls and I had this brainstorm after seeing all the mustaches in the party store. We had to hit the fabric store, though, to find brown pieces of felt with a bonus sticky backing! Here I am with my Matron of Honor and my Bestie posing!  It was fun to have a lot of our wedding party join us. Keeping up with friends is important and hard as we all run our kids here and there.

So here is the Star of the Show realizing he has been had!

Kind of like Charlie with his Angels.......

I cannot even begin to count the number of times the four of us below have had our pictures taken together.  Timeless friends!

I truly think we invented the selfies!

There was plenty of food and friends, and the party lingered on into the evening.

A good time was definitely had by all!  I have to apologize for the quality of some of my pictures. Most were taken with an excellent camera by an excellent friend who managed to avoid the other side of the lens! Thanks Ms. Kim!  The blurrier ones are mine taken with my phone.  My BIG camera is at the camera hospital, and I am waiting to hear the diagnosis/prognosis.  In its place, I've been grabbing my phone, but I unearthed my Canon G9 point and shoot the other day, and I will start using it more. I forgot what awesome pictures it can take!


  1. Lana,

    I love birthday's! They give us a fun reason to celebrate the blessing of a specific individual in our life. Looks like your Hubby is a blessing to many family, friends and neighbors.

    1. Thanks Robyn! I think we will keep him. It was so fun to catch him totally off guard. I wish I had been in the van when he started to realize something was up, but he had a great time and was also thankful for all the people who came to wish him well.



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