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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mother Nature Is Sending a Message, REALLY!

A few days ago it was nice enough to open up the windows in the sun room and breathe some fresh air.  My folks were over, and as we were chatting, we heard a different honking sound up in the sky. Dad and I scooted outside to see what we could see, and way up in the sky we finally saw them. Sandhill Cranes~!

Listen to their very distinct sound!

From the Indiana DNR page:  Dec. 16, 2014: Our crane count this morning was 9,175. Cranes also continue to use the Wheatfield area. This will be our last posted count for the 2014 fall/winter migration. Very likely, some cranes will stay throughout the winter, especially in the Wheatfield area. North bound cranes will begin arriving in late January, peak in late February or early March, and will be gone from JP by April 1.

Wheatfield is in Jasper County, a county just north of us, and we do keep an eye out for them in the spring.  Several flocks do stop at our very own Benton County for a bit of a rest before heading the rest of the way north.  

Even though our weather is stick quite fickle, spring IS on its way, just ask the sandhill cranes!


  1. They gather in the fields around us. Multiply that bird noise by hundreds and it's quite a racket!

  2. Linda, I'm sure it is. They were pretty loud all the way up in the sky! They are captivating to watch.



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