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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hey There Lover Boy!

Hmmmmm....... Looks like our eight special heifers have a visitor.  Why are these eight ladies special?  Tall Guy culled them out of our beef herd to become breeder cows to start our little cow/calf operation.  Who is their visitor?  He's a gentleman from a few miles west;  I think we will call him Bubba the Bull.  Bubba has an exciting two weeks or so ahead of him.  He gets to meet these ladies up close and personal so that in January or February we will have the calf part of our new little venture.  Let's see how their first date is going shall we?

He seems to like the food here.  That's a good start.

Awww....Looks like he's bashful or playing hard to get.

Oh look!  This young lady has discovered Mr. Bubba and has decided to introduce herself.

What?!?!?!  Smooching behind the bleachers already?  We may have a hussy on our hands.

Now the rest of the ladies, in a true act of female "inquisitiveness," have decided that our hussy shouldn't be the only one to have Bubba's attention.

Good Grief!  Is there a kissing booth going on back there?

Mr. Bubba has decided to take a stroll around his vacation home, and the ladies don't want him going away lonely.

These four seem to be the most bold  and forward of the eight.

Dinner for three????  Guess it's not considered a crowd in the World of Moo.

Here they are, up close and personal.  Who do you think he will "service" first?  I wonder if there is something weird about watching bovine mating rituals?  It is important to make sure everyonen is getting along and getting friendly.

Bachelorette #1?

Bachelorette #2?

Bachelorette #3?

or Bachelorette #4?

I will keep you up dated on any fraternization that I see in the weeks to come.  No, I won't be taking pictures of it all, but I will let you know if he was successful in his efforts.   

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