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Monday, June 15, 2015

Keeping It Fun and Healthy This Summer with #FuelUpPlayLearn !

Well, Hey there!  How is your summer going?  Mine has been on the fast track, but the girls are away at 4-H camp, and I have found some precious time to check back in with you all.

With the girls being out of school, I've been trying to find ways to keep them from adhering their hind parts to the comfy seats in our home.  Are you having fun with that too?  While they are in school, it's fairly easy to make sure they are eating healthy and getting enough activity during the day, Remember my Fuel Up to Play 60 posts from the spring?  Click here and here for a quick refresher.

Now that school is out, however, it's my turn to make sure they are keeping up their activity levels over the summer, and I wanted to incorporate some kitchen time with them so that both girls start being more self-sufficient make their own meals and snacks.  That would really help me out come this fall when I'm out in the fields with the guys helping with harvest, and the girls are homing wondering what I am going to fix for supper.

So how DO we keep the kids off the couch?  Around here, there are always chores to do, and while they might not involve a lot of movement, there is some heavy lifting and "weights" involved in feeding and getting their calves ready for the 4-H in July.

Another great option to keep them moving is taking advantage of different camps offered in your area through out the summer.  Like I mentioned up at the top, both girls are away at 4-H camp, where I know they will be up and going.  Bear also attended a three day volleyball camp for girls her age.

Other ways are to let your older children start offering to babysit.  We all know how much energy is involved with corralling toddlers and preschoolers.    Then there is always the one aerobic activity just about everyone female in the world enjoys (except for me!):  shopping!

I will admit that I have been logging some major step totals when we do venture out to the mall.  The key part is to keep them busy and limit "tush on the cush" time.

The other part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 idea centers around eating habits.  With all the fresh veggies and fruits available throughout the summer months, there are so many ways to eat healthy, BUT it's nice if kids can start pulling simple meals together.  The National Dairy Council is a major sponsor of this movement, so lets not forget how important dairy is to a growing child's daily nutrition intake.

One new item in our refrigerator is this milk from our neighbor to the north, Fair Oaks Dairy:

It has helped Tink out with some digestive issues, and we and thankful for that.  The ultra filter milk

lactose free!

As for preparing meals, Miss Bear has her yummy cheese quesadillas, down to an art!

By itself, this snack is a great source of protein and calcium.  It is a great, simple building block for kids to create a healthy meal.  You can add vegetables, beef or chicken strips, and hit all of your food groups.  Now if I could just get bear to add these yummies to her quesadilla....  She will eat hers on the side along with some fresh berries or watermelon.

What fun healthy foods can your kids make?  I would love to read about them. What are some of your kids' favorite outside summer activities Let's share and start a new summer project of kids cooking healthy in our kitchens and staying active through the summer.  Use the hashtag #FuelUpPlayLearn.  I can't wait to see your ideas!



  1. Good to hear from you! Our summers are just as busy. Camps, chores, and friend activities keep us busy.

    1. Michelle, I sure hope you are not getting all the rain down there that we are having up here. IT's getting pretty hard to find dry wood to make a bonfire these days. Enjoy your summer! We went to Savannah in the spring and were able to see the azaleas blooming. It's a beautiful city!

  2. My kids love riding bikes, playing basketball and baseball/softball during the summer!

    1. How are all those activities holding up with all your rain? We've had quite a bit, but you guys up there have definitely had more Hopefully, your house will be secured from the outside elements soon! Love watching it "grow." :-)



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