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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Getting Back in the Saddle with an Old Favorite Game

I've been trying to get back to you dear readers for a while now, but you know how this crazy life of mine works......Besides the effort to start carving out time for myself again, I wasn't quite sure how to say, "I'm BACK!!!!!!!"  As I was reading a blog post from Cranberry Morning, it dawned on me to get back to my roots, grab a badge, and join a group of other bloggers in sharing ideas on the same thoughts.

So, if I can remember how to insert the badge,..........Here's to

1. Way back when (the Hodgepodge bicentennial to be precise) several of you submitted questions as part of a giveaway I was hosting. I went back to that list for inspiration today and found a question  submitted by Marla, who blogs over atMarla's Musings. Thanks Marla! 

She asks-At what age did you feel like a 'grown-up'? What keeps you young now?   

~That's such a great question Marla.....I honestly have to say it came in stages, from driving on my own the first time, to going away to college, moving to a new town for my first job and living on my own, about my sixth year of teaching, falling in love with Tall Guy, becoming Mrs. Tall Guy (at the grand age of 39), and then becoming a mother.  I do have to say, that about the time I would feel like a grown up, I would also wish that I was a kid again. At 53 with girls "almost"11 and 13, and becoming an active part of our farm operation, I just have to keep thinking young thoughts.  My one secret, though, is sometimes I just like to go out and take a walk with Sadie, our dog, or go find a purring kitten to play with for a while as the stresses melt away, and my inner happy self gets the upper hand.
2. When did you last buy a vehicle? Was this by design or because you had no other option? Was the car/truck purchased for your own personal use or was it bought for someone else to drive? On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being delightful and 1 being 'pass the Excedrin') how would you rate the experience?

~We bought our Honda Odyssey van about three years ago, new, and it's time to trade her in for a newer model.  It has 80,000 miles on it, and I am here to tell you that these vehicles are GOLD!  We are constantly getting mailings from our dealer asking us if we are ready to trade.  This next Odyssey, though, will NOT be silver.  Silver seems to be the color of preference for Odyssey owners, and more than once I have tried to get into a van that was not mine! Our dealer is pretty wonderful, so I rate this experience a 10.

3. Corn bread, corn chips, corn pudding, corn on the cob, cornflakes, corn chowder-your favorite of the corn-y foods listed? What needs to be served alongside your selection?

~Any person from Indiana would have to go with corn on the cob!  TO.DIE.FOR!  Our favorite question at the table is, "Do you want any dirt on your corn?"  Dirt is pepper, and there are very strong feelings on both sides of this question.  The very best food to serve along side corn on the cob is a hamburger or steak from our beef cows.......  Icing on the cake would be fresh tomatoes. 

This corn was already frozen, but it once was on the cob! 
I like dirt on my corn! And BUTTER!

4. What's something in your life that regularly requires you to 'put your thinking cap on'?

~Coming up with meal ideas.  I have a ton of cookbooks, and my friends and Gooseberry Patch have blessed me with several options, but we have been going in so many directions lately that it's hard to get into a meal planning routine.
~Keeping our youngest, Bear, on an even keel.  At almost 11, puberty is showing signs of arriving, and stress seems to be her big hurdle.
~Trying to let our oldest, Tink, spread her wings as she goes to the junior/senior high school for the first time.  She is a bit of an introvert, and that makes me worry that she will stay in the background. So far, though, she has been a very happy girl, and she is playing on the co-ed junior high soccer team.

5. Share a favorite movie set in a school or classroom, or whose theme relates to school days in some way.

~Oh Gosh!  It has to be Dead Poet's Society.  As a former English teacher with 18 years in the classroom, that one jumps to mind immediately, and the "Captain! My Captain!" scene makes me cry every time.

6. Reading, writing, and 'rithmatic' are commonly referred to as the three R's. What are the three R's in your life right now?

~Running, as in getting girls to volleyball and soccer practices,  Reclaiming my house by trying to clean and file all the summer stuff before we go to the field.  Right now there is a terrible smell coming from my pantry.  I bravely went through all the shelves, but I have not found the source. There may be a dead mouse a the root of this evil (NOT my favorite thing to look for), but I have purged my pantry of several items way past their expiration date.  There might have been a can of V-8 juice with a 2001 expiration date on it........, and Remembering my Aunt Sue who left us today at the wonderful age of 96.  What a wonderful life she had, and what wonderful memories she gave us all.  She is in the front of this picture with two of her sisters, her daughter, and an adorable niece and nephew....the niece is me ;-)

7. What's something you've learned or tried recently you can say was as 'easy as ABC'?

~Hmmmm....... nothing in my life lately has been as 'easy as ABC' lately. That one is a tuffy!  Drifting off to read a book from the Outlander or Lord John series is pretty darned easy, but it's also counter-productive to my efforts to get the house clean and files filed......sigh....

8. Insert your own random thought here.

~I'm so glad to me joining this Wednesday blog session with you!  I have missed my blogging friends and making new ones through posts like this one.  Thanks for letting me share!


  1. So nice to see you here today! I've struggled in recent months to find time to blog regularly. I think we're coming in To a few months where I can treats lush a routine of sorts. Here's hoping! Enjoy this busy year!

    1. Thanks Joyce. I'm not sure why or how the wheels came off my wagon, but I'm trying to put them back on one at a time!

  2. Your food pic had me feeling hungry but I'd prefer my corn clean lol

    1. That's ok Wendy. You can sit by Tall Guy, my husband. He and my mom don't like it either!

  3. Glad you joined us and glad you stopped by my corner. The afghan sounds like a perfect Christmas gift for your man, however the way it sounds you might need to get started. He sounds like a pretty tall one! Have a great week, hope to see you again!

  4. Lana, it is so good to meet you and have you join us regular Hodgepodgers. Thank you for visiting my little place today as well. I felt an immediate kinship as our son and family live in northern Indiana. He is CEO of a surgical/medical hospital in Mishawaka and lives in Granger. We will be heading that way on Sept. 7 right after we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on the 5th. Can't wait to get up there and spend time where its a bit cooler, less humid and has three of my precious grands. Hope to meet up with you here again next week. And yes, fresh corn with butter and a tad of "dirt"! Can't beat it!

  5. Hi Lana. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we do have lots in common (Hoosiers living in the Boilermaker State) Ha! We farm in southern Indiana (I live a few miles down the road from Sarah Mahan). I am disappointed that I won't get to the Indiana State Fair this year either. Our son was featured on one of the cardboard farmer signs just outside the cattle barn, and I was hoping to see it in person. I follow you on Instagram, and enjoy seeing your photos. Glad to see you at the Hodgepodge!



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