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Thursday, February 11, 2016

6 Ways to Create Photo Art with the FotoRus App

I have been playing quite a bit with my smartphone lately.  It's an awesome little camera once you figure it out!  Then I was cruising around Pinterest and found loads of camera apps to make my smartphone camera even smarter!   Since this is February, and we all need a bit of a distraction from tax papers and filings (BLEH!), I thought I would share one great app that has endless possibilities when it comes to giving your pictures greater dimension and style  The app is called FotoRus!

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Ok now let's get to this new app.  First of all this is a FREE APP!!!!  It is also an app that can be used by Android and iPhones! There is even an app for your PC!!!  How cool is that?  I have a Samsung Note 5 that I am really loving.  Once you download the app, you just run any photo on your phone through one if its SIX editing choices, and let your imagination take you a way!

Let me walk you through this first section on FotoRus.

Collage Section:  Magazine Shot:

Chose where you want to get your photos, and then you can select 1-10 pictures to use.

Next, select the layout you like, and the pictures will populate in the spaces.

You can move your pictures around and re-size them to get the look you like.

Ta Da!

In homage to Jane Jetson, that lovely future generation housewife who was able to put on her morning face mask before answering her visual phone, the Beauty shot can turn a scary selfie into a presentable version of you, or me as seem below.  I added foundation, blush, mascara and lip gloss in about one minute.

Without any makeup....                                                   With digital makeup  :-)
Just in time for Valentine's day or any day when romance is in the air, you can jump into the Sticker part of the app and add stickers from their vast collection to your picture.  These two were so curious about each other!

I think the section that most intrigues me is the PIP or Picture in Picture.  How fun is this????

And finally.........this one that I am going to print off this afternoon and frame for a certain Tall Guy we all know and love.  What a unique and yet simple gift, and all I had to do was print it off and frame it!

All of the these pictures were completed within a minute or two.  NO FUSSING!!!!  The remaining two sections are the InstaBeauty Section for a more intensive touch up for face shots and the Pro Edit Section so you can make edits right in the app and then play with it in the other sections.  Easy Peasy!!!  SIX ways to create beautiful fun pictures at your finger tips.

Ok, now it's your turn.  What is your favorite go to photo app on your phone?  Maybe you have heard of one and want to know what it does.  Shoot me your answer in the comment box below, and I will add them to my list of apps to try.

Have a great weekend!

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