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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fan Favorite 7 Layer Mexican Dip

Awesome party dips are always in demand, and this Fan Favorite 7 Layer Mexican Dip is a proven winner! The ingredients are easy to find; most of them are pantry or fridge staples. With just a bit of effort, making this dip will put you on everybody's guest list.

Ok Peeps! It's that time of year: time for everyone to “Get ready to RUMBLE!”  Indiana is a prime place to gather and celebrate basketball games.  I look forward to this time of year because it is just about the only time activities and farm jobs are at their lowest peek.  All of our calves have been born, Tall Guy has had the planter out and made sure that it is ready to go once April 1 rolls around. He always puts machines away in a "ready to roll" condition.  Most farmers do to prevent rusting and make the spring rush to the field go as smoothly as possible. Maintenance o f equipment is crucial on the farm because to have to replace a part or entire piece of equipment costs both time and money; those are two things any farmer hates to waste!   Nothing needs to be planted, picked, hoed, or raked. 

Yep! March Madness is upon us, and we bleed Gold and Black in this house.  GO PURDUE!!! Greatest Ag University in our country by my way of thinking!This is probably why I fell in love with Gooseberry Patch’s little recipe book, GAME DAY Recipes.  It is filled with easy and very popular recipes to make anyone’s Game Day or family day or friends day a winner, and this recipe features many farm-raised ingredients!

Once I bring this dip to a gathering, I am usually asked to bring it back!   It can make a little or a lot, but there is rarely any left in the pan after you set it on the counter.  After gathering the ingredients, it is a breeze to put together.

Alrighty..... First, beans go on the bottom, and to fill this 9 X 13 dish, I increased my portions, about doubling most.

Next mix up the sour cream with your taco seasoning mix, and spread that over the bean layer.

Now it's time to prepare the most labor-intensive part of the dip, peeling the avocados!  No matter how many times I have wished for it, the Good Lord still believes I can make do with only two arms and hands, so I do not have a picture of me peeling these guys, but the end result is represented.

Add lemon juice and garlic and then mash it all together with a fork.  Spread over the last layer.
(Yes, you can save time and buy the guacamole, but this is a much healthier and tastier way to serve your avocados!)

I seem to have reversed a step here according to directions, but you can have some creative license with the layering as long as everything ends up in the dish.  I sprinkled olives on top of the avocado mix.....

Then added the cheese, diced tomatoes, onions and green chilies  Dishes filled with color are always eye-catching!

And here is our finished product all ready for the first chip!   My mother-in-law took it to card club and had rave reviews, and you know those card club people know what good food is!  Here's the recipe I started with because, remember, I also started with a 9 x 13 pan.

Go grab your favorite chips, and find your favorite chair.  March Madness is about to begin!!!!


or as we say in Boilermaker Country, 

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