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Monday, April 18, 2016

2 Meals from One Great Ingredient: Shrimp!

Hey there Peeps!  I'm celebrating the weekend with a family favorite recipe!  Sorry there are no recipes to copy on these two dishes, but that means they are super easy to make. The main ingredient in each?  SHRIMP!!!!

I LOVE SHRIMP!  I could go off like Forrest's friend Bubba and tell you all the different ways I like it, but let's just say I love shrimp!  What is even better now is that I can buy fresh, LIVE saltwater shrimp right in Benton County Indiana!  Click here for a look back at my trip to RDM Farms where they raise this delicious sea food delight!  The Browns were also recognized at last year's Indiana State Fair during their Year of the Farmer!

First off is an easy meal of pan fried shrimp in butter and garlic.

There isn't a set amount of butter and garlic to use.  It all depends on the size of your pan and the number of shrimp you want to cook.

I selected eight and popped them in the pan. When they turn pink on one side, it's time to turn them over!

I was advised to cook them with their heads on because the meat would be sweeter.  Fine with me. The girls, still smarting a bit from eating tongue, were not as thrilled.

Just because I'm a nice mom I cut off the heads, feet, and shells before presenting them to the girls for a try.  Tink liked it, but Bear said she was waiting for the fried version.

So while Tall Guy and I liked these shrimp all buttery and garlicy, the girls were begging for some good ol'  beer batter fried shrimp.  So.....Off with their heads and other parts!

I'm kind of old fashioned here, so I go with what my momma used, and she used what my Grandma Lyons told her to use, which is Aunt Jemima pancake batter, and I sniped one, maybe two, of Tall Guy's beverages to make the beer batter shrimp.  This, by the way, also works well with mushrooms, onion rings, and anything else you like with batter on it.  Not too sure about Twinkies and cookie dough.....may get back to you later on that one! ;-)

There are no set portions; just add beer to some pancake flour, stir, see how thick it is, and keep adding beer until it's not too thick, which means about pancake consistency.

Back to the shrimp.....dust the naked shrimp with a bit of the pancake flour then dip in the bear batter, and put in the pan to fry.  I used Wesson Oil!

Oh!  By the way!  I put some green beans in the pan that had the butter and garlic and started them to frying!  YUM!

Yes, that is Tall Guy's hand with the tongs turning the beans.  Wooooo!

This last picture just about brought tears to the girls' eyes.  They were so excited!  Yes, the shrimp were delicious!  Yes it was a bit of work to clean them.  The owner, Karaleana, said she fries them with the shells and feet on because most of it cooks down, and the rest just add to the crunchiness.  I asked the girls about that, but four years after the event,  they both are still holding the cow tongue episode over me, EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH LIKED IT! 

This weekend, run on out to the grocery store, or if you are close to Benton County, Indiana, get off I-65 and head east on State Road 18 to the Brown's Shrimp Farm, and buy you a mess of shrimp.  Like Bubba


  1. Lana: I'm so glad you posted this. I heard of that shrimp farm in passing but couldn't remember the name. Your recipes look delicious and I'm going to plan a trip to get us a "mess"!!


    1. Let me know when you head this way! Maybe we can meet up for a fun lunch!



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