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Monday, May 2, 2016

Farmer Q & A: Did you know Cover Crops and Poke Cake have a lot in common?

If you have been past our house in the last week, or a lot of other farms out here in the good ol' Corn Belt, you might see a field that looks something like this....

Just a few weeks ago, the field was looking like this, and we were getting compliments on well our winter wheat looked!

You might be wondering, "What the heck happened to your wheat crop??"  The wheat isn't actually a crop for us.  Well it is, but we grew it as a cover crop to help maintain our topsoil through the winter.  The growth helped hold the top soil to the ground and not blow away in the gale force winds we have on the ridge during the winter months. The root system of the wheat plants burrow down, and these little burrows allow water or melting snow to travel in to the ground instead of pooling and rushing to the low spots in our fields.  The root systems also help keep the ground porous.   It's sort of like making a poke cake.......

What?  You aren't quite sure what a Poke Cake is?


You all are in for a real treat because my friend, Miss Brandie, over at The Country Cook knows all there is to know about Poke Cakes, especially Pudding Poke Carrot Cake.   The baked cake looks like this.

Our ground looks like this. The roots of the cover crop make openings in the ground so that the water can go into the ground.....   or pudding if you like......

If you could cut away a chunk of ground, it might look like the inside of this cake, very moist from all the pudding that was able to come through the holes.

And, that's a simple way to look at cover crops.  Delicious right? ;-)  Thanks to Miss Brandie for allowing me to use her recipe in a way I'm sure she never thought it would be used! Make sure you click HERE or on the other links to grab this yummy recipe and many more!

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  1. Who knew?? Love learning about farming, especially if there is poke cake involved!!



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