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Farm Talk

I wanted to have a space to focus on what we do here on the farm.  We farm around 1800 acres, about half corn and the other half soybeans.  We also raise a small amount of wheat so we can have bedding for the cows and some alfalfa for them too.  We raise feeder cattle, calves that come to us after they have been weaned from their mothers.  These heifers (girls) and steers (neutered males) get to roam around our pastures and feed lot where they eat grass from grazing and the grass hay bales we put out for them.  They also get a morning and evening feeding of grain rations that include our own corn and silage.  When they reach a weight of around 1200, they are shipped off to become the beef you eat in the freezer.  I sell quite a bit of freezer beef on Facebook; people like to know where their food comes from.  Beutler Meats also buys from us occasionally, and they are a well known meat processor in the Lafayette area. The posts below highlight and explain the stages, processes, reasons, and history of how our farm works to bring food and other products to your homes.

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